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Monday, 29 October 2018


We are very pleased that the new West Stand at Allianz Park, Copthall has been approved by Barnet Council and a loan has been given to the club to make sure the stand is built quickly for the community and the club. 

Saracens a Force For Great Good in our community

Saracens continue to be a force for great good in our community - working often with the have nots and the many rather than the few.   They are a great example of how a World famous sports club can impact a community.   Their High School in Grahame Park is a great example to all businesses and organisations in our area to get involved in improving our communities.

Barnet Council at last are getting involved as well

It seems to be rubbing off on our Local Council as well.  For many years our Council has been in denial about being local and has given local services to Capita and has generally not got involved in the local community.  However, in recent times they have been very hands on in Mill Hill ( Town Square - Traders Network - Rubbish Collection ) and Burnt Oak (New Anti Social projects) and now with this joint project with Saracens  ( High School - West Stand Loan).  We hope that this shows a new direction for our council - we would love to see them adopt Capita Option 3 for services brought back locally.  We are not politically biased or partisan in any way - we just want what is best for our local community.  We believe this would help the area.

Don't Moan  ! Take Action Not Issue

Finally - too many voices in Barnet moan about everything - the Internet is full of Moaning ( mainly middle aged or old aged people with too much time on their hands )  Rather than moan we encourage positivity and getting hands dirty,  If you believe there is a problem then take action not issue :  like Colindale and Mill Hill Litter Pickers - interestingly Barnet Council has also linked up to help these organisations as well,  Sometimes WE have to take action in order for things to happen and then it will encourage those in our Council and those in Business to join in.

We cant stand moaners or NIMBYs - this blog is the longest running (in our ninth year) MILL HILL blog and across all of our social accounts we have the largest audience in Mill Hill and probably Barnet.   We believe that is because we are POSITIVE and ACTIVE in the community.   We don't just snipe from the sidelines acting as if we know best.  We just support those who want to make a difference for free with no agenda !!

So if you want to join us - why not write for MILL HILL TODAY or this blog.  Join the MILL HILL or COLINDALE LITTER PICKERS or JOIN THE MILL HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM or THE MILL HILL TRADERS NETWORK.  Loads of you already do - thank you for your contributions to this Blog - MH Today - The Mill HIll Guide - The Markets in Mill Hill - the Traders etc.   but if you want to join us then email us on and tell us what you want to do for our area and we will support you.  


Thank You Saracens

So thank you to BARNET COUNCIL for underwriting this great new community facility at COPTHALL for Saracens - and thank you to SARACENS for all that they do for our community.   Let us hope that all of those of all political parties can give credit where credit is due for this fantastic initiative from Barnet Council and Saracens.  Here at Broadway Blog and in all our community projects we dont care about which Political Party you support or believe in - or what religion you have faith in or whether you are rich or poor - we want to support ALL in our community,.  That has been our aim since 2010.  

We LOVE Saracens !!!

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