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Monday, 1 October 2018


Thursday, 6 September 2018



Who Are We ?

Many people ask why we run this news page (since 2010) when we don’t have adverts or any agenda. This is because in 2018 some people only seem to run things or volunteer when they can get something out of it.   That is also why many people run social media stuff ! Or ad revenue.....

This is purely here to help.  We don’t push any organisation or business idea or political/ religious group.   So you can trust our views to be our own.  We are not paid to have any others.

Recently some internet trolls have suggested we run other blogs.  This is not true. The Liberal Democrat Party runs a political blog called A Better Mill Hill with a weekly update of their policy areas in Mill Hill where they want to make a difference.  We have nothing to do with that or any political party. We don’t write any other blogs about Mill Hill. This is the only 100% independent Mill Hill blog on the internet.

Our Record

When we talk about the need for redevelopment of the station project it is because we have thought this for over 15 years....not because we worry about house values etc.  We believe a sizeable tower will provide a central point for the area and much needed facilities ncluding a hotel, venue/pub, arts cinema, retail, and parking. We like suggesting and supporting great ideas for our area.  The Barnet blog ( which is brilliant) disagree with us, and often older people from a Mill Hill have difficulties in accepting change. Many of our ideas and suggestions have come to fruition.

Here are some of them :

  • We suggested a Mill Hill Guide in 2012 .
  • We asked for a Christmas Festival in 2013 an idea we had suggested in 2002.
  • We were the only blog to support Saracens move to Copthall in the area in 2011.
  • We are the only Barnet blog that supports the loan to Saracens in 2018.
  • We were the only Barnet voice that supported Tesco Express coming to the Broadway in 2015
  • We were the only voice in favour of Dominos coming to the Broadway in 2018.
  • Our Friday Feature was the first internet campaign to support organisations in the area.
  • We were the first internet site to write for the Mill Hill Today newspaper.
  • We supported and played a role in helping the MHNF sort out the rubbish problems on the Broadway.
  • We supported the original traders association run by Lawrence and we back the new one and will offer support to all Mill Hill traders free of charge.

We therefore are different and only support what is best for the area.  We back all businesses in the area and do not have favourites. We back all local organisations as well. If you want to promote your business n the area via us let us know.

When we write reviews it is done without the knowledge of the businesses we can’t be hired like local newspapers.  Local traders tell us that it has a huge impact on their sales and visibility.

Our independence can be threatening to those who have an agenda because our 13,000 readers a month on here and over 100,000 readers on social media expect us to be factual and tell it as it is.  We will never change our stance because our thousands of readers expect us to inform and not preach.

We do not belong to any organisations in Mill Hill either.  We are completely independent. We contribute to the local community newspaper each month “Mill Hill Today”. We don’t sit on any committees because we want to remain positive and impartial.  We have no vested interests and have worked and lived in this area since 1987.

Looking to the Future

In the next few years votes on a Neighbourhood Plan and the £3 million Hub idea will take place.  Though we remain positive about both we will take our own view on here of each and flag up the pros and cons for Mill Hill residents before the votes.  We have a strong track record for supporting access to the arts, and improving facilities in the area.  That drives our forward thinking vision.  Most other websites and blogs look to the past in Mill Hill......we always look to the future.

If you want us to cover a local event or story then please email us.   Anyone can write for us but we do not attach author names to our articles.

We are in our 9th year and though we are not daily, we post all important local news on here especially to do with Broadway but for NW7 and things of interest in Finchley, Hendon, Colindale, Burnt Oak, Edgware, St Albans and the South Bank.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to celebrating our 10th year in 2019.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018


THE THREE HAMMERS which is a spacious and comfortable pub has an offer on its website which will save you £5 off  £20 which is a great reduction if you are looking to go out this week.  Just sign up as a friend and then you get the offer plus future offers.

The pub is under new management and we visited a few weeks ago and it is running very well. The food is very reasonable and the draft beers excellent.

If you have not visited recently why not give it a try and with this offer you can save a few pounds.


Saracens return to the area with their first PREMIER RUGBY LEAGUE fixture this Saturday.   We welcome all fans to Mill Hill and particularly the BROADWAY where the best transport solution for ALLIANZ PARK is based.  Get a SHUTTLE from outside Mill and Brew direct to ALLIANZ PARK where you can also visit Mill Hill Rugby Clubhouse or the great facilities at the ground.

On the BROADWAY we have some of the best CAFES in London with new cafe SIMPLE offering amazing cakes and Italian coffee in comfortable surroundings just 50 feet away from the SHUTTLE STOP.   

After the MATCH the restaurants on BROADWAY are all open and the MILL HILL TANDOORI is amazing value with superb curry and great COBRA beer !   In addition at the other end of the BROADWAY are several legendary North London restaurants including HUDSONS - BOBs CAFE - and THE GOOD EARTH Chinese - as well as well known chain restaurants PIZZA EXPRESS and PREZZO if you like those larger places.

Therefore, a day at the rugby can turn into a real adventure with great food and drinks on Mill Hill Broadway which has several bus routes and the excellent Thameslink trains a few steps away.

MILL HILL GUIDE 2019 | advertising last chance

The ANNUAL MILL GUIDE  comes out every Autumn with a DIRECTORY of all the shops and restaurants in Mill Hill as well as local information - events - and news about the major developments from the Neighbourhood Forum.

The 2019 Edition which is out in October is the third Guide and it has proved to be incredibly popular with its High Quality production and full listings giving every household in Mill Hill and nearby a chance to see what is on offer and with internet links on the ON LINE version which has several thousand views a year. 

Over 12,000 copies are distributed - to the 10,000 homes in Mill Hill and to nearby estates in Beaufort Park and Hendon.

If you have a business in Mill Hill it would cost you thousands to get your message printed and delivered to 12,000 homes.     Yet with the GUIDE you can advertise from £40 to £500 depending on what size and position you want.   Unlike leaflets the GUIDE is kept throughout the year by households - so your advert can be viewed more than once ! 

Most advertising is now gone but there are still a few places left - and so if you want to reach the area then get in touch ASAP by emailing  with what size ads you are looking for and we will get the ad department to get back to you immediately. 

Saturday, 1 September 2018


The ANNUAL DISPLAY at Allianz Park - home of Saracens has been announced as SATURDAY 4 NOVEMBER.

Last year around 7,000 people attended the event which was spectacular.   Easily the largest display in NW London and for a very low price including a great seated view which is ideal for youngsters and families and those who dont like standing in a park or field !  More information as we get it !  Dont miss this event.  We are told that GATES OPEN at around 5p.m with loads of entertainment planned !