Wednesday, 17 July 2019


Further to our article yesterday we have been contacted by several people who have read the Barnet Council report on the Neighbourhood Forum which was published last night at 4.30pm on the Barnet Council website.

Strangely,  a very bizarre long post suggesting that there was a Constitutional issue with the Forum claimed to have been sent from the Residents Association.  This was followed by a rant against John Gillett by Richard Logue.

This morning several twitter accounts are pointing out that the Residents Association has no current list of members available or minutes. Not only that but their social media accounts are all not working for years and their website is down.  It seems that it is one rule for them and another for the Neighbourhood Forum.  The difference being that the Neighbourhood Forum openly publishes information about itself and gives monthly updates via the local press on its planning progress.

On further investigation we see that on Google this is the current status on the Residents Association.  We believe Richard Logue runs several companies from this address according to public records at Companies House. 

This is surprising because in the Barnet Report he also manages to get to provide his usual negative comments on anything in Mill Hill.   This is clearly a case of double dipping and misuse of the consultation process.

We are therefore writing to Barnet Council on behalf of our several thousand followers to point this out and ask why Richard Logue who seems to run the 900 strong Residents Association according to Google, is allowed to have two separate entries into this consultation.

Finally,  team Logue tried unsuccessfully to stop the Markets in Mill Hill in May. The same individuals are the only people in the whole of Mill Hill who oppose finishing the Neighbourhood Plan and allowing the public a democratic ❎ vote.   We expect like in May the local council treat the lies and political manoeuvres of Richard Logue with the contempt it deserved.

Here at Broadway News since 2010 we have helped bring the whole area together. Arts organisations, sports clubs, faith groups.  For some bizarre reason Richard Logue has campaigned against every local business, the Markets, and now even our brilliant Neighbourhood Forum /Neighbourhood Plan.

Barnet Council should set aside the Residents Association contribution until it can be proved that they still operate constitutionally.  At the moment they quite clearly do not.

The following is available freely on Google. We publish it here so you can check with Companies House to see the connections. All we ask is that Barnet Council take action before next week's meeting to strike the Residents Association comments from the record as they do not represent local residents at all. See our post yesterday for photos of how the Neighbourhood Forum has engaged the local community in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Mill Hill needs positive words. It is really successful at present. Everyone is working together in the community apart from this very vocal political group who have by the looks of it staged a coup to take over one of Mill Hill's treasured organisations.   We want our Residents Association back please.

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