Tuesday, 12 February 2019

NEW TANNING SALON "CHOCOLAT BEAUTE" NOW OPEN | photos | Is the Broadway "Beautropolis" ?

now being called BEAUTROPOLIS ?

In the last 5 years Mill Hill Broadway has seen a huge increase in Beauty related salons.  Mostly catering for female clients but there are two for men as well.  With many hair related and with a few spas and nail salons we have finally seen a Tanning Salon open on Station Road in the old Hee's site in the last couple of weeks.   This will be a great bonus for those working in the media and also those who wish to top up or prepare a tan for holidays.  Some on the road are already calling the area BEAUTROPOLIS due to the superb selection of salons which are drawing in large numbers for services - and also filling the cafes and restaurants with visitors.  The Broadway is really picking up in the last few weeks with footfall improving.  Make sure you check out the new salon.


We’re Chocolat Beauté, a new tanning&beauty salon located at 8 Station Road.

We are a tanning studio and we offer other beauty services, such as eyelash extensions, nails & make-up. We’ll also be doing Skin Fillers in the future.

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