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Friday, 6 July 2018


There has been alot of churn on Broadway in the last 6 months.  We have seen more bank closures and some businesses close and some change hands.  This is the current position  (Edited on 28 July) :

Bob's Cafe :  Opened in April and has been packed out ever since. Possibly the most popular opening on Broadway since Tesco Express ( Which is still busy all day)

Halifax :  Another of the bank closures
Lia's Organics : A short lived opening. Never saw it busy.
The Creamery : Another short lived opening and often it was closed in any case !
Hetherington's : The former bank and buiding society is a large site with amazing windows.
Hees Station Road : The popular Chinese Takeaway closed

World of Vape, Station Road : Has been re-opened under new management
Friends Hairdressing, Station Road : Has been re-opened as Sands.

The Hees Takeaway Site: Is currently being refurbished with a new kitchen being built onto the back. Should be a takeaway and small restaurant. The work is due to finish in 45 days time so we could see a new opening in August/September.
Halifax Site : British Heart Foundation shopfitters are in.  Opening soon.
Lia's Organics : A new cafe is promised by new owners on this site. No dates given

Lloyds Site : This was turned down by planner for Dominos but we hear another offer has been made.
Nat West : Still empty. Was under offer but cost once again saw shop move to another empty property.
The Shop : Closed last year and is under offer.
Hetheringtons : We have heard this is under offer but no news yet. Advertising board now appeared. Still available 
HSBC : cafe nero
Prezzo: possible split of premises........

Leyla : Has been on the market for a year or so - owners will sell on or up to right offers.
Delicatessen : Is available at £15,000 rent per year.
The Creamery : Seems to be available and empty.

If you know of any premises available or any new ones opening please let us know on or any corrections to the above as well.

As you can see despite the churn The Broadway is almost at full capacity.  This is brilliant considering the recent falls in High Street sales.  However, we are being told by owners on the Broadway that this year business rates have gone up again and footfall has been lower.  They rely on us all to keep them going.  When you consider some rents are £1000 a week plus staff - stock and rates and rubbish collection ( up to £3k a year) you can see how they need regular trade just to survive let alone make a profit.

We have been asking ( along with MHNF and Vibe Markets ) The PORTUGUESE BAKERY who come to our Markets to consider opening on Broadway.  They would love to but dont think that any properties/rates make it possible.   This is an amazing local business - we also have JENS CUPCAKES based in UPHILL ROAD which would be amazing on the Broadway.  Perhaps a local entrenpreuner would like to open to cake and patisserie department store on the Broadway with these two as their tenants ?    Thoughts ?   Only if we work together as a community will we get these high quality businesses - we need to support them to get going and to keep going.

This weekend why not visit the Broadway - Sales are on at several shops including Clothing - Accessories etc.

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