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Friday, 27 July 2018


Just to let you all know that by now you should have received a leaflet and refuse bags ( 26) from Barnet Council for the new rubbish collections which start this Monday.

Today ( Friday ) the Council is collecting the Wheelie Bins from the street and hopefully most people will see that their bin has gone today.

From next week you need to read the leaflet carefully - the collections take place on three days a week in the morning period of 6 - 9.30  This is the ONLY time you can put your rubbish bags out.  If you leave them at other times or after that time then fines can be levied.   So before work leave the rubbish out on the designated days.

For businesses every day has a collection and every business has been visited on the effected area on Broadway.

These new arrangements should mean no bins on the street at all except at the designated times.   Enforcement will be done and it should mean that between 9.30 and 5.30 every day the road is clear of bins.  This will improve the environment and make it easier for disabled and partially sighted and blind visitors to get around the street.  Hopefully it will attract more traders to take the few empty shops that we currently have.

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