Thursday, 25 July 2019


In May 2010 this site started to support our ailing road at the time.  We were the only internet site for a Mill Hill for many years.  In the last few years many other special interest groups have sprung up including the excellent Mill Hill Families. In addition we now have groups on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with around 8,000 followers between them.

Our aim has been to give information about the area.  Others have also been inspired to do this and now Mill Hill is well represented on the web.

We are proud of working with most groups in the area over the years.  We have no business or political party to promote and we don’t take adverts.  We are particularly proud of our support for the Neighbourhood Forum events on our street. The markets, festivals and so on. They have kept this street alive.

The Neighbourhood Forum was created to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. This should have happened next year but Barnet Council decided to withdraw its support for the plan based on constitutional issues which are nonsense but in the world of politics the small people always get ignored. So despite overwhelming support for the plan it is now not going to happen.

This does not mean the end of the Neighbourhood Forum as a community force, and we will continue to support it and all other local groups.  We will be asking John and his committee what their plans will be and will let you know, probably via Mill Hill Today.

We had nothing to do with the Neighbourhood Plan because we are purely here to inform and discuss.  Needless to say we believe there won’t now be a plan. Perhaps Barnet are right that the whole idea of plans has been superseded by the Housing crisis.  Certainly, we would oppose any new idea of creating a plan when there is a perfectly good one awaiting a vote.  Going back to square 1 would be a waste of time and throw away all the great work of the last 5 years by John and his committee.

During the last 6 months this site has been caught in the crossfire between the warring political sides in the area.  We are 100% independent. No one pays us and never has.  Crazy smears have been directed towards us, like in 2011 to 13 about our support of the Saracens copthall scheme.   We rode out that and this time it has been less than then.

We have never worked with any political party and our views are non partisan. We are 100% inclusive.  We support all local businesses without exception.  Unlike other sites who have favourites. Send us your news and we will publicise what you are doing.

Now the plan is dead we look forward to continuing our contribution to a Mill Hill today, read by over 2 million page views, and the annual Official Mill Hill Guide.   These will continue to inform and support all the great work that the community does.

Follow us on a Facebook, Insta, and Twitter for fun discussions, photos, videos daily.  Spread the word.  Contact us using our email address with your news, views etc. We publish most things without adding names because most people want to remain private. So you need not fear contributing.

Next year is our 10 years Anniversary and we will be announcing later in the year how we intend to celebrate it.

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