Wednesday, 7 August 2019

MILL HILL GUIDE 2020 | All you need to know

THE MILL HILL GUIDE has become part of Mill Hill life.   Listing all the organisations - shops - restaurants in our lovely part of NW London.  For three years it has been edited by the great John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.   He has done an amazing job pulling it all together.

This year a team of volunteers including most who were involved in the Guide under John's stewardship - are bringing the FOURTH EDITION to the area with some new ideas.

New for 2020

The listings are being expanded with HALE now having a page and map for its shops etc.

There are also listings in a new section for DANCE - MUSIC - DRAMA which will feature the best classes and schools working in the arts in the area.

Finally there is a SERVICES and TRADES listings section which will feature everything including :  Gardeners - Cleaners - Babysitters - Fitness experts - Dog Walkers - Cake Makers - Carers - Mechanics - Decorators - Roofers - Rubbish Collection Services. 

Why this guide works

Unlike the internet the Guide is a permanent printed presence in people's houses. Delivered to the local area.  Out of Mill Hills 18,000 population up to half do not do Social Media.  The largest social media groups have less than 8,000 members - and perhaps half of them are completely out of the area or even fake profiles.

Therefore, by advertising in the Guide businesses really reach the audience they want.  However, for 2020 the GUIDE will be advertising itself on Facebook and Twitter and its online iEDITION which also gets thousands of views each year.  The 2018 Guide can be seen here and is totally interactive :

Your Shop - Restaurant - Service

We cant promise that the Guide will be all you need to do to be successful. However, our long running advertisers are still in business in the area and we see many who dont advertise with us struggle and sadly close.  Running a business is about visibility.   Between the MILL HILL GUIDE - MILL HILL TODAY and MILL HILL BROADWAY internet sites businesses can really expand their presence via the biggest network of promotion for the area.   The Broadway twitter account alone has 2 millions impressions each year !!!

Adverts are CHEAPER than ever this year 
For three years we have kept the adverts the same price.  This year for early bookers we recognise that 2019 has been a tough year so we are offering a 50% ( Yes half price)  discount for all early bookers.   This means that the ads are cheaper than any internet advertising that is currently available and yet you get so much more bang for your bucks !!

Adverts start at just £20 for a display advert - but dont leave it too late because they are going to go quick and in the last 3 years we have ended up sadly turning people away by the end of September because all space has gone.  Once its gone - its gone. Each section is limited.


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