Friday, 26 July 2019


We have just read a compelling account on our Facebook page accusing the Mill Hill Residents Association of illegal activity.

The Association put in comments to the Neighbourhood Forum consultation which they claimed they withdrew - the Chair Frank Osman saying that they represented an individual view not the Association who were in favour of Neighbourhood Forum renewal.

However on Facebook Frank has been challenged over this issue :

1.  If the person who made those comments should have done so as an individual then they should be struck from the Council record and any decision about the Forum should also not be based in any way about them.

2.  The individual if he is a member of the Committee of the association should be sacked for using the association name without permission.

Only if these two things are done can the Residents Association gain back any credibility in the community.

We contributed to the consultation in favour of the renewal as did The Preservation Society, The Mill Hill Families group, and the biggest user of the Hub. Over 20,000 represented by these groups in the community versus 3 individual comments, one of which was the attributed to the Residents Association.

We call for Barnet Council to overturn their decision based on this fraudulent and corrupt comment from an individual who lied to the council about who he was and represented.

If the council can provide his individual comment put in to the consultation before the deadline then they have a legal leg to stand on. If they can't do this then they need to run the meeting and issue the documents again, this time without the Residents Association comment.

This is only fair. If they do not then we will be taking legal action against the council about a breach of process and will consider a Judicial Review about their decision.

Only Frank can put this right and ask the Council to cancel the comment. If he does not then we will remove the Residents Association as a local organisation from our database because we can't work with an organisation that undermines the community.

Mill Hill spoke with one voice about wanting John and his committee of amazing local people to finish the job.  If the Residents Association has ruined all this work from all of us then they are not fit to be considered part of Mill Hill. 

We have run this site promoting Mill Hill for 10 years and been involved with local groups far longer than anyone on the Residents Association or Neighbourhood Forum going back to the 1980s.  Never in that time has any local group undermined another local group like this.

Frank - we want to support you and will meet with you anytime but we can't accept the facts as presented on Facebook about the role of the Residents Association in this dreadful and underhand set of events.

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