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The Neighbourhood Forum is the most popular local organisation in Mill Hill. With over 24 committee members it is also the most representative of our area.

Now that it has been shown that an individual lied and was the only objector to it continuing past October, we want to urge the organisation to continue working for the area.

The Neighbourhood Plan should be completed and published.  Although Barnet Council may not recognise it, the Forum can still act as a brake on overdevelopment of our Green areas.

In fact in our view if the Forum is independent from Barnet Council it has more credibility in the eyes of some residents.

So we urge the Neighbourhood Forum to continue to work for our area.  We also ask them in the light of the new information revealed yesterday on Facebook to challenge Barnet Council's consultation because it looks as if the individual should not have been allowed to speak because he never requested as an individual.

We were written to by the council and told that anyone who wanted to speak had to give 3 working days notice.  We believe the Residents Association informed the Council that the comments attributed to them were not their comments after that deadline. Therefore, the individual concerned did not submit his own request to speak as an individual to the committee.  This is a clear breach of the rules that applied to us and all other consultees.

All the residents and organisations who have been in touch with us about what has happened agree that this is totally unfair.

The Forum is still working with Barnet Council until the end of September.  At that point it can continue without Barnet Council.   Most groups in our area work on the basis of not needing the Council. The plan can be voted on by the area without the Council and it can be adopted by all of its stakeholders. This is what is called democracy.  Barnet Council can recognise the plan if the public vote for it.  In fact they can recognise anything they want, at any time they want!

So when the Barnet Eye says that they want to run a Neighbourhood Plan as they announced last night, we suggest that you treat them as the deluded out of touch people that they have become.  They seem to forget that not a single stakeholder in Barnet or the main English stakeholders opposed the current Neighbourhood Forum.  Only 5 people opposed the plan - The people behind the Barnet Eye politically motivated activist blog which seems to spread anarchy in Mill Hill by trying to undermine the community.  Well Barnet Eye : Carry on...... The 5 of you are welcome and free to continue to run down our area, print hate towards our council day after day, and try and block all busineses in Mill Hill and all organisations that don't agree with your 1950s view of the area.  However, the rest of us moved on years ago and embrace a modern vision for Barnet and Mill Hill. 

We have always been the welcoming and progressive voice in Mill Hill. We welcomed Saracens, we said Tescos would be great for the Broadway, and we stood alone in our support for Domino's.  We also have lobbied for the 30 storey Broadway Tower since 2015 to be an iconic landmark for the station and provide affordable housing and facilities to renew our Town centre.

Our views often seem strange because we are usually the first to say them.  However, with the passage of time they are in step with general opinion.   The under 50s in Mill Hill recognise the need for the things we have supported.  There is a groundswell of opinion now forming that wants new affordable housing. But be warned.... With no Neighbourhood Plan the area has less input. We can't protect our Village area properly. We can't zone NW7 into development zones. So the result of the Gang of 5 opposing the almost finished plan would be overdevelopment. It will be their fault not the Council and not the Mayor if London.

The Alternative Neighbourhood Plan

The Barnet Eye suggestion of banning anything over 5 storeys when the Pentavia Development has already been granted planning permission for 16 and Colindale tube one mile from us 29 storeys, shows the lack of understanding about planning from Barnet Eye.  It is a laughable idea.

Unlike the amateur politicians at Barnet Eye we recognise that it should be left to professionals working in the delivery of major schemes, such as the talented team who are our Neighbourhood Forum.

This website has always supported our businesses and organisations without exception in the area. We continue to do that and we encourage the Neighbourhood Forum to continue into 2020 and get the plan out to the public.  We need and want that plan. We also want to see you continue to engage with the Markets, The Christmas and Summer Festivals, Broadway 100 in 2022, and Saracens, Tesco, Barratts and any other potential development partners in the area including Pentavia.  Only by working WITH others can great change be achieved.  Opposition and negativity by the Barnet Eye and our Liberal Democrat Anarchists has only created chaos in their minds. The rest of Mill Hill is united and happy.  The cafes were full yesterday all day on the Broadway.  The relaunch of Mill Hill Today is this week with loads of input from all local organisations and busineses as usual.  The Christmas Festival plans for Broadway are being finalised this week.   We urge the Neighbourhood Forum to continue as well after September regardless of Barnet Council.   Together Mill Hill will become a new and shiny place fit for the 21st Century. Not a 1950s Theme Park for a handful of luddites to relive their past in!!!  Believe in ourselves Mill Hill.  Our new Golden Era is starting. #

#have you noticed that all the people moaning about overdevelopment mention cars and pollution. If they own a car then they are part of that problem. Would they be willing to give it up? If the answer is no then why do they want to deny others the possibility of owning and driving a car in our area.  This is the very definition of 'Do what I say not as I do'. Thankfully the Mill Hill Moaners are becoming a small minority. They give our area a bad name because we all get accused of Nimbyism which is not true.

Another idea we like is making Mill Hill the first electric car zone in London.  With electric car only days so that we can enjoy our environment and cut pollution. We think Mill Hill could be a Green flagship area in the capital.

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