Monday, 29 July 2019


The month of July has seen the biggest number of reads since last August with a couple of days still to go.

Our exclusive stories about Mill Hill have always been popular and we know that the public needs to know the facts behind the stories.

The biggest website in Barnet is The Barnet Eye.  However, this site is committed to putting Mill Hill back in the 1950s/60s.  Only today their reply to our suggestions for increasing affordable housing was to suggest going back to the Council House policies of the 1950s.  An idea nearly 60 years out of date and one that will never happen in the 21st century.

Unlike the Barnet Eye we supported the Neighbourhood Plan being put to the vote early next year.   This would have protected the village and green spaces and most housing areas.   The opposition to this by the local Liberal 'Gang of 5' ( Lib candidates Roger Tichborne, Richard Logue along with Zoe Samuelson, Jon Klaff, and Marshall Hoffman) has meant that for at least the next 5 years Mill Hill will have no Neighbourhood Plan.  Over the last 5 years John Gilletts Neighbourhood Forum / Preservation Society have done a great job to hold back the tide of overdevelopment.  They will no longer be able to do this.

The story of how the 'Gang of 5' ruined the environment in Mill Hill will be retold in the future when Mill Hill becomes more like 'Hong Kong' along with Colindale, Finchley etc.   The Neighbourhood Plan would have limited big development to the West Side of Mill Hill protecting the historic centre and fully residential parts.  That will not happen now.   The Barnet Eye can only offer a unicorn tinged Housing Commission idea - which will never happen.

Right now our area is unprotected.  We still urge the Neighbourhood Forum and Preservation Society and the Residents Association to jointly appeal the refusal by Barnet Council to stop our area having a neighbourhood plan.  Otherwise there is no point the rest of us opposing any developments in the next decade. We will have no voice.

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