Thursday, 6 June 2019


Since our article last week local people have expressed to us their dismay and upset at watching the abuse that took place at the Barnet Council meeting for the Markets/Neighbourhood Forum meeting.

You will all be pleased to know that not only did Barnet Council grant the license - they made it quite clear in their statement their anger at the lack of any proper input from the Liberal Democrat Campaigners against the Neighbourhood Forum, and the fact they were given the wrong information by the group's leaders Hoffman, Tichborne and Logue.  This can all be read on the Council website.

We ran a poll two weeks ago asking the area whether they thought that Political Activists should be members or on the committee of local organisations. The vote was a unanimous 100% which was the first ever on a large number of votes.  The public want politics to be kept out of their local groups.

We therefore have informed our followers today to contact first THE MILL HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM to make sure they implement Article 3.18 of their constitution that allows them to terminate membership for such abuse and bad behaviour of those responsible both at the meeting and on the internet recently where two other members Zoe Samuelson and Jon Mark have been constantly abusing people and projects in the area.

RULE 3.18
3.18 Members may be excluded from continuing their membership of the Forum or from acting on the Forum Committee or Topic Groups for conduct and behaviour that is disruptive and/or does not promote the aims and objectives of the group. Exclusion of members will be by a majority vote of the Forum Committee.

If the Neighbourhood Forum does not expel them then we will have to reconsider our relationship with the organisation.  We dont have dealings with any organisations that support abusive or racist behaviour.   That is why many people have left political life due to a reluctance of organisations and parties to expel racists and extremists.

In addition we believe that the same people have infiltrated other groups in Mill Hill in order to use them as weapons against our community,   Namely The Residents Association and The Police Ward Panel,  We are aiming to contact them as well and ask for their constitutions in order to complain about such behaviour.   

We ask for calm in the community - we are aware that every day this group of people are aiming abuse at several local people and organisations.   We assure you that we dont mind their abuse - it just reveals online the true nature of political activists in 2019 - like the ones we saw on TV recently with milkshakes and jostling.   This is the new way of politics in the UK and it is horrible and we must nip it in the bud in Mill Hill.   We wont bury our heads in the sand over abuse and violence.  This site has run since 2010 and always fights for the good people of our area.   We appreciate your non stop support and we will always support your events and businesses to our several thousand followers and millions of readers across the internet.

Unlike them we dont create spam accounts under silly names.   We dont create fake websites under fake names.  We are here under our name and on all our sites - see right for links.   Those are our only sites.  We have no others so please dont follow them thinking they are us - they are not even if they say they are - they are created by those who wish to create mischief.

Stay Strong and Believe in Mill Hill 

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