Monday, 3 June 2019


Last night the local Liberal website A Better Mill Hill admitted that its writer Roger Tichborne also paid for, set up and formatted the links site under the Richard Wilkinson name and Richard does not exist. 

After denying this to local paper Mill Hill Today all week this was an embrassing climb down for the Liberals. 

When presented with proof on Thursday that Richard Wilkinson did not exist, not only that but his course did not exist and the slam dunk that the site html code had given up all the information needed to show that it belonged to Roger, eventually they admitted this ahead of the papers publication. 

Why does it matter?

If Roger had put his name on the site there would be no story. 

However, if the local Liberals are willing to pretend that someone exists and promotes them like this to con the local residents can they be trusted with your votes?

Continuing to Lie
Even now they admit there is no Richard Wilkinson they say someone else is involved not called Richard Wilkinson.  The facts show that the photos belong to Roger, and the site and the text.  Until he puts his own name on the site and that of the Liberals it is still fraudulent. 

Other Liberal Local Corruption 
There are other incredible things that Mill Hill Today was about to reveal. A bigger story concerning corruption by the other two Liberals at a local Charity and mis-use of money.  We may cover this in the future if we can get the story from the now closed Mill Hill Today.

The Liberals attempt to close the area
There have been loads of progress made by John Gillett and his team in bringing the area back to life. 
However, the Liberals are fighting against all businesses here on Broadway. They are trying to close the Town Square by cutting off its income stream, and in doing so will shut down all the festivals and markets.  They have succeeded in shutting the local newspaper by abusing its writers who included us. 

We are just one website with no empire like Barnet Eye, with his huge business, property holdings in the area, and political machine.  But we continue to promote our area.  We will never attend council meetings and shout the odds at councillors, we will never run political campaigns against others, and we will look to bring people together not push them apart with fake news and smears. 

We suggest when voting in future you at least remember this when you enter the voting booth........... 

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