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Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Today has been a busy day for the emergency services here on Broadway.

At around 9.30am a man entered the PHONE SHOP and tried to make off with a pile of mobile phones in a bag.  He was wearing a helmet.  Luckily a brave member of staff chased him and grabbed the bag back.  The would be robber drove off in his car.  The police have now revealed the car had false plates.

Police have been on the scene all morning and police photographers.   Anyone with information or video or phone photos please contact the local police.

Then this afternoon at around 2p.m staff were evacuated along with the flats residents in and above ICELAND when an electrical fire broke out.

Three appliances attended and the fire was put out within about 20 minutes.  The store will now re- open on Thursday-  and staff and residents are back inside.

Just another day on Mill Hill's busiest street !!

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