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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

THAMESLINK.... The Tragedy ?

It's been nearly two months since the improved new timetable was introduced. We love Thameslink and their new trains and the extra routes and trains promised were welcomed.

As we all know it has gone horribly wrong. Drivers not trained... Trains in the wrong place and network rail refusing some services.... This has led to meltdown after meltdown especially at peak times.

The operator has been given 2 weeks to sort it or lose the franchise.. It has not started well with signal failures and hundreds of cancellations.

We hope they can turn it around because they have improved the service very much and should be given time to sort it out.

At the moment peak services are better  Late nights and weekends are still patchy. Daytime services are good.

We urge you to check before travelling and keep checking.

On our Web version (click at bottom if you read this on a phone) on the top right we have a direct link to arrivals and departures from Mill Hill Broadway.  Ideal for checking and you can keep up to date with the latest news on Mill Hill as well.

Let's hope tragedy of Thameslink is avoided and they succeed. We will keep you posted.
Is the sun setting on Thameslink? 

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