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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


This is the saddest post we have made in our 8 years of reporting on news on the Broadway.

Last night we joined other local people to hold an impromtu candlelit vigil outside Rota Express for the 49 year shop worker who dies in hospital after being attacked on Saturday night. Great sadness was expressed and many tears.

His refusal to sell cigarette papers cost him his life at the hands of three young men.  The Police have reportedly arrested one person in connection with the incident so far.

This is a very rare happening in Mill Hill which we all regard as a very safe place to live and work.  Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the person who has died. Most of us knew him and knew of the wonderful service he gave us in this local shop.

Plans are being drawn up by local churches and organisations to hold community events and to help fundraise for his family.

As a community we are shocked and saddened.   We ask that everyone on the Broadway and in all our social media feeds for the area shows utmost respect for the family and if you wish to lay flowers or candles outside the shop then please do as a mark of respect for this lovely man who has been taken far too soon.

We will update on here but our usual feed of information is currently suspended on all Social Media channels because we are devastated by what has happened and wish to respect the situation fully.

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