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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


After we pointed out yesterday about helping the homeless today we wish to highlight the great work that the local food bank is doing to support those who have been hit by benefit cuts and Universal Credit problems.   Many families live without enough savings to cover the 6 weeks it takes to get benefits. Many people have seen their claims for support suspended or stopped because of a huge raft of bureaucratic red tape which the current system is away with.  This has led to the need for foodbanks.

In Mill Hill if you can take some food this week there are numerous collection points :  Sacred Heart Church on Broadway,  St Michaels on Flower Lane, plus the Mill Hill Rugby Club is also a collection point.

Once again, it seems wrong for us to celebrate by spending hundreds o4 maybe thousands of pounds on food and gifts when living in our community are neighbours who are struggling to feed their children and even heat their homes.   The situation seems to be the worst in living memory, and it is up to us, Government and Councils seem to have lost their way preferring tax cuts for the rich and multi billion Aircraft Carriers for seemingly no reason....the money is there it seems to have been siphoned off for political purposes.  This is the problem with modern politics.  Therefore, it comes down to us the ordinary people, many of us who are not wealthy, to help.  

The true spirit of Christmas is giving, whether it is food or time or money.  Every little will help and together let’s support the less fortunate neighbours in our area. By doing this we all benefit, and we create a community that cares and looks out for each other.

It’s less than a week until Christmas Day.......

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