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Monday, 2 October 2017


The huge and wonderful firework display held by Saracens with the Neighbourhood Forum takes place on SUNDAY 5 NOVEMBER.

This year it is vital the whole community goes along and brings their families and packs out the whole stand.   This is because the generous people at Saracens have decided to make the NW7 HUB their charity for the event.  The HUB needs funding so that it can offer more things as our community centre to the whole area.  It is no good expecting poor people and people with limited incomes to be able to access activities if they cost too much - and they cant afford extra Council Tax.  Therefore, those of us who can afford the small amount to go along to the Fireworks can help the project and enjoy ourselves at the same time.

Community is not about politics.  It is about helping each other and in particular creating projects that are funded.  Charity is a good thing. We cant expect Government or even our Council to help us all the time - we have to take responsibility as a community for our lives.  I urge you then to support this event and invite family and friends and spread the word.  Repost this article on TWITTER and on your FACEBOOK accounts and make sure you book your tickets because I have a feeling Mill Hill residents will come out in their thousands to support the Display and the cause.  From living and working here since 1989 I know how amazing this community really is.

Details on Flyer

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