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Saturday, 22 October 2016

THE FALSE DOTS AT BARNET EYE 8th BIRTHDAY PARTY | Live Review of Festivities Photos

We were very lucky to be able to attend the Barnet Eye's Birthday Celebrations at the lovely Chandos Arms in Colindale last night.

The Chandos has a very welcoming main bar area and behind is a Music Room/Stage which was set up with lighting and PA for the party.  Comfy seating and sofas meant the audience had 5 star viewing for the evening's events.

A special 70s playlist was on offer between the live acts and the first band played rock covers from Led Zep - Hendrix and Free.  Loud with virtuoso guitar playing the band were warmly received.

Before the main act a Birthday Cake (very large ) was provided by local BUZZ CAFE and was lit up and eagerly devoured by the attending party goers.  It was extremely good.

The False Dots hit the stage at around 10p.m led by Roger from the Barnet Eye and for an hour played a set of their original songs.  With hints of their 70s new wave roots allied to modern themes the band led the audience in sing a longs of their best known tracks and also managed to play a couple of new numbers.  Ending with playing standing on amps - tables and drumkits the audience got the full live experience.

The whole evening waa a resounding success and a collection of food was also taken for the Colindale Food Bank.

Here are some photos and videos from the event for you :

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