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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

MILL HILL GUIDE | Gone to Splash Printers Today

We can exclusively reveal that the first ever MILL HILL AREA GUIDE has gone to the fantastic printers on Broadway today. Splash will be printing and distributing to all 10,000 households in Mill Hill next week the full colour glossy guide - it is totally free to every resident (£5 in the shops) so when it comes through your door make sure you grab it and put it on your bookshelf or magazine rack.  

Over 40 local businesses have taken advertising to pay for the GUIDE and to bring you many special offers.  In addition there is a NEW FULL COLOUR SHOPPING MAP of Mill Hill Broadway ! and listings for nearly all the shops and restaurants in the area.

The 36 page guide is already proving a hit with the proofers and contributors who have glimpsed its copy.

Plans are in place for next year for an even bigger guide to cover more local information and allow more space for advertisers. The advertising sold out well in advance of the deadline.

Working together we can create a real sense of community in Mill Hill - the NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM is linking together all groups and businesses including BROADWAY NEWS to help us to promote and improve our area.  In the GUIDE there are plenty of suggestions of how YOU can get involved.  It is for everyone - not just a chosen few - we can over time make this area a place that has the best sense of community in London.  It certainly has some of the most beautiful views and housing. 

Once you get the GUIDE please send us your comments or post them on here if you have ideas or views.

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