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Thursday, 4 August 2016


Money has been raised for this excellent scheme but it is still 1500 pounds short of its target of regenerating one of Mill Hill's forgotten places.  Please check out the scheme on the link below and pledge a fiver or more to help the Neighbourhood Forum improve the whole area.  This is a first step and more schemes will follow.  Barnet Council is helping as much as it can in all areas of area improvement but austerity cuts mean that it is down to residents for any improvements in the whole of the UK.  We may not like the way in which Government has cut grants to Local Authorities but that does not mean we should all sit on our hands (and wallets) and give up improving our area for us and those who follow us.  If you ever here moans about how the area has gone downhill then this is a chance to tell those people about loads of initiatives to improve Mill Hill and at the very least keep it a lovely place to live and work.

From the Neighbourhood Forum Facebook Page :

Salcombe Gardens shops - Regeneration Scheme - Funding Deadline 1st August 2016- Now Extended to 1st September.
We now believe we will soon be able to confirm funding commitments that will take us so close to our funding target of £65,000......we still need to add about £1500 from local pledges to the site below.....if you can help, now is the time to pledge your support to this regeneration programme in this "forgotten" area of Mill Hill. Many thanks.
Following the Mayor of London's generous pledge of £20,000, Barnet Council have agreed to "match-fund" this amount, so we are getting closer to our funding goal of £65,000. Mill Hill Preservation Society have pledged £1000 to cover the cost of some trees at the site. We are asking other local businesses to support the scheme alongside the shop owners at the site and there is a sponsorship programme for all levels. We also need local residents to help by pledging any amount from £2 upwards. Please help us achieve this project by pledging your support at

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