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Friday, 29 July 2016

THE FRIDAY FEATURE | Returns in September

Since we launched the FRIDAY FEATURE in March it has become one of the most read items on this site with some Fridays seeing thousands come to read about the who is featured.

We are taking a break from mid July until September with the feature.  Until then we suggest you check out the features we have run this year.  They are very informative about the area. Just put Friday Feature in the search at the top of the site (Web Version) or you can use the index which is on the right.

If you are a business - organisation - individual - band - singer - artist - and you work or live in Mill Hill then please get in touch and we will feature you on a Friday.  It is totally FREE to be featured.  Just let us know and we will schedule you in.

Coming in September we will be featuring :  SARACENS RFC | The MILL HILL HUB |  MILL HILL LIBRARY |  and much more.  Keep calling in to the site through the summer break for all your news about events and offers in the area.

Get in touch with us by using our e mail address  BROADWAY BLOG CLICK ON THIS TO EMAIL US

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