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Friday, 29 July 2016


The nearest cinema to Mill Hill Broadway at Staples Corner in West Hendon - Brent Cross - is to close on 15 August it has been announced by Cineworld.

They thank customers who have used the cinema for the last 25 years.

This means that Mill Hill cinema goers now how to trek to either Finchley - Borhamwood or Watford to see a film.

There certainly would seem to be a very strong case for a cinema based at Mill Hill Broadway to cater for an audience of over 50,000 who are currently without a cinema screen for a three mile radius.

The Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum has suggested that a cinema could be created on Mill Hill Broadway and we await their comments on this latest development which could well bring these plans to an earlier fruition.


  1. An Everyman cinema would be amazing!

  2. Yes I agree. The Independent cinema has shown that if you programme a local cinema cleverly then it can be a real success. Good suggestion.

  3. Resurrecting the old cinema in Burnt Oak (currently unused and unloved) would be a great move.

  4. I drove past it last week Ben and totally agree. Fantastic building left to rot and probably when it goes beyond repair they will claim that that they have to knock it down and build flats there. They did it with the amazing 30s building opposite Asda which was beautiful Art Deco and was in great condition but they left it for nearly 20 years to fall apart before utilising the land for new appartments at high prices.

    We can all dream but sadly I expect the Burnt Oak cinema will never see another is really dreadful that we are losing all these amazing buildings which could be used for communities.

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