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Thursday, 14 July 2016

OVER 43 COMMENTS ON BARNET COUNCIL SITE | 99% supporting new restaurant complex

We can tell you that the Barnet Council Planning site has seen a massive vote in support of the new Soho House Restaurant Complex which will open on Broadway in October if it gets planning permission.

Soho House are a cool creative company who create very exciting and cool brands.  There is nothing like it in Mill Hill and so it will be a completely new style of eatery that probably brings in a new and cool crowd - as well as appealing to those of us who love a more club style type of restaurant with bar areas and quality food.

If you want to read more click HERE to read our article.

If you want to comment and support this amazing new venture for the Broadway then please get over and comment this week.

We have lost 3 restaurants on Broadway in the last 6 months - Sapori - Day of the Raj - Domenico, So there is plenty of room to have a new one which will attract a huge new audience to Broadway.  Please mention this when you comment so that the planners know that we need a different type of restaurant.  Having seen the plans (which are on the Barnet website) it is clear that this will be an excellent meeting place for everyone in the evenings. Something which we lack on Broadway.

Here is the MENU and PRICES from another DIRTY BURGER restaurant to show how great the prices area :

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