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Saturday, 2 July 2016


We are very excited to bring you the hottest news that today Barnet Council have revealed the new plans for HSBC on the Broadway.

It is incredible news.  After our campaign to try and get a national restaurant chain to take over the premises we are delighted to announce that SOHO HOUSE have today proposed incredible plans to turn the location into not one but a double header restaurant based around their quality and highly desirable brands DIRTY BURGER and CHICKEN SHOP. (Find out more about SOHO HOUSE by clicking HERE )

These brands are already market leaders in the quality end of burgers and chicken and the actual plan for the restaurant is stunning.

The company plan to bring into public use almost the whole large ground floor site with seating - and importantly a toilet suite of 4 toilets.   The whole site will benefit from a huge makeover including the latest and quietest air conditioning and venting for the kitchen.

We urge all other Broadway residents to get behind this restaurant.  It will not compete with any other restaurant because we do not have a Gourmet Burger or any Burger restaurant and we have no high end chicken either.  This new development can only bring more footfall to the street and improve this area of the Broadway.  Finally it will attract more big operators to consider the Broadway and add to the cachet of our amazing independent shops.

Mill Hill is about to get a flagship restaurant complex and we hear rumours that other empty properties on Broadway are being considered by other major companies - some of which we have also been campaigning to bring to the Broadway.


16/4180/FUL   is the planning application reference.

Individual letters of support will help this happen quickly and re-vitalise our street. Thank you all for supporting the idea of a restaurant in this location.  Together we can improve our shopping centre. 

COME TO BROADWAY | Appeal to all Business Owners / Chains

If there is any company or you want to run a business on Broadway then we suggest you contact the MILL HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM who are active in helping businesses locate to the Broadway.  Their questionaire shows that the public of Mill Hill are asking for various new things for the street, So please check out that as well.

Last night at TESCO EXPRESS over 200 people shopped in the store between 10p.m and 11p.m  This shows how much trade it is now attracting to the Broadway.  Footfall is already increasing and some shops have had record receipts in the last 2 months with the advertising for  the Markets and Tesco's own campaign bringing loads of new shoppers to the street.   We expect all shop units to be full by the end of the year and increasing business for all businesses on the Broadway.   Great times lie ahead.

HSBC Moving Out of the Location Earlier This Year

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