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Friday, 8 July 2016


We can bring you fantastic news today about the POCKET PARK PROJECT which the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum proposed and which TESCO gave £8,000 to in their community awards.

Yesterday BARNET COUNCIL agreed to fund the remainder of the basic cost of the project to complete the £20,000 needed to convert the space into a Town Centre Area.   This will provide the conversion and services and basic street furniture.

If you or your company want to help this project there are still ways in which the community can get behind the project as follows :

Street Furniture :  Companies can sponsor any street furniture including planters - benches - service pillars  which will allow for even better quality.
Mural :  There has been a quote received for creating a mural on the walls next to the park which would create a warmer space.  This is not covered by the conversion cost and could only be done if sponsorship was achieved.

Stage and Staging :  It is planned that the space will have a portable community stage marquee and portable staging allowing choirs and performers somewhere to perform on a regular basis at markets and events.  We at Broadway News are very keen to see this happen and may organise a crowdfunder so that this can be a FREE resource for all community music groups and choirs etc.  To create a performance space in Mill Hill Broadway which could also be used in the Park etc. would be a tremendous asset for musicians in the area.

If you want to help please contact the NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM (their site details are on the right if you are reading this on the web version)

If you want to help us create a COMMUNITY MUSIC STAGE for the Pocket Park and Park then please contact us here on the e mail at the top of this site.

The Pocket Park Area on Broadway

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