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Saturday, 11 June 2016

SATURDAY AN AMAZING SUCCESS ON BROADWAY | Sun Food Music and Great Family Atmosphere

Today the World Village Market created a fantastic Festival vibe on the Broadway.

The sun came out after a shower and shone through most of the day.   The Market Stage area was busy from around noon being packed out between 1 and 2.30 and with a huge crowd right to the end of the music at 6p.m.

This morning we tried out more food from the market - the bread from OLIVERS BAKERY is awesome.  You can buy speciality loaves in 1/4 1/2 or full in a wholemeal style that are light with a nutty crust that are sensational.   We do suggest you pick up some bread from this stall.  You will know what is possible with this staple food.

The Cup Cake stall looks beautiful and we chose a RED VELVET CUPCAKE to eat and it was presented in its own little plastic case and looked lovely.   It tasted even better - for just £2.50 which is not much more than mass produced cupcakes it melted in the mouth and was not too sweet.  A fantastic Cupcake - and again if you get the chance get one for your afternoon tea on Sunday - you will love it.

The food stalls have been very popular - with the Indian on Market Square having a q almost all the day - not suprising because the £5 chicken curry with rice and dahl is amazing value.  A top quality meal at a low price.  The Paella stall and Polish Food stall likewise.  We would point out that the Vietnamese Stall by Iceland looks amazing. There is just not enough time to visit them all over the weekend.  We begged the market operators to return in the future.

Later tonight we will post the photo album of the day.

We took loads of videos and had hundreds watch the PERISCOPE streams live from MARKET STAGE.  People from all over the World commented - and most of them loved what was on offer.

In the next few weeks we will create some videos of the Festival and post them on here.

Tomorrow is the last day of the event - and it runs from 10 - 5  The music starts around 12 noon.  Make sure you visit at some point during the day. It should be a great day - hopefully the weather will hold but even if it is not great weather we do urge you to come down and sample the food and drink and pick up some bread and cakes and deli.

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