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Monday, 6 June 2016

SALCOMBE GARDENS PROJECT | Full Details About Pledging from Neighbourhood Forum Here

The shops at Salcombe Gardens NW7 look rather tired and rundown. Together we can make a great improvement, thus encouraging more business to the shops and enhancing the area for all.

This is how it looks today. The shop signs and awnings are at different heights and in various states of disrepair. The paving is uneven and the bollards are set at different angles. No trees or seating exist to provide a more welcoming look and feel. Developments are planned on both sides to provide an assisted care home and 2 small blocks of flats and while these will improve the area, the shopping precinct needs some care and attention too. The site is a gateway to many homes that will benefit from the local amenity offered by these shops as will many more people from surrounding streets. Currently, possibly the best fish and chip shop in NW London is located here, together with a great Newsagents, a Chemist, a Dry Cleaners and a Convenience store. They will all benefit by presenting a better face to their public.

This is what it could look like. Of course there will be some colour in the shop signs but you can see how it can look so much smarter from our artist's impression. We (Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum) are asking the Mayor of London to provide £20,000 and for Barnet Council (who own the building freeholds) to match this sum.
We need your help to PLEDGE your support, starting from £2, to make this project happen in 2016. Barnet Homes who manage the flats above and are managing the developments either side have agreed to help as well.

We need as many of you as possible to, on reading this letter, please indicate your support at
You will see further pictures of the scheme in the "gallery" at the above site.
The picture above shows some more detail on the new design.
We hope you can help us deliver this project which may be an example of others we can progress around NW7.

We need your support to add to what we can expect our Public Sector organisations to contribute by way of confirming your interest in improving Mill Hill for the benefit of us all.

Please use the Go-Cardless option at the above linked site rather than the PayPal method as the transaction fees are much lower.

Alternatively you can send a cheque made out to
Mill Hill Forum-Salcombe Project,
to Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum, c/o 95 Milespit Hill, Mill Hill London NW7 2RS.

It is the number of pledges that we receive confirming your support, just as much as the monetary value we collect in total, that will encourage the Mayor of London's Regeneration Team & Barnet Council to support this scheme.
Thank you for considering this important project.

John Gillett, Chairman

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