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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


We are only posting about our own industry on the blog today just so that people are aware of where the Music Industry and Media Industry stands on the issue.

Music is a global industry and the removal of borders and the advent of free trade has made it easy to have a worldwide career. Especially in Europe.  Concerts would go up by around £10 for European artists per seat due to the extra costs from having to negotiate visas etc.  and in general it would make touring less economically viable for British music acts.

The 91% figure is from MUSIC WEEK the industry bible in the UK and you can read the reasons and a longer explanation of why it is good to remain.

It does seem that everyone we speak to in Mill Hill wants to remain - mostly because we are a business owners hotspot and welcome closer links with Europeans.   So we expect London and Mill Hill to vote with the Music Industry to remain. Those who wish to leave seem concentrated in Northern Towns where being part of Europe brings few benefits.  Here on Broadway we understand them but have to put the future of our local economy first by voting to remain.

The VOTE is tomorrow.

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