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Thursday, 30 June 2016

MAYOR GIVES £20,000 to SALCOMBE GDNS PROJECT | Please Give £2 To help

We have woken up the amazing news that the Salcombe Gardens project which will make this small Mill Hill shopping centre look fantastic and benefit the whole of the area has received £20,000 from the new Mayor of London.  The project which is organised by the Neighbourhood Forum and Residents Association for Mill Hill has now got off to a fantastic start.

They will appeal to Barnet for matching funding leaving the same amount to be raised by us the people of Mill Hill.   The Resident's Association have today appealed for every Mill Hill resident to donate £2 to the Crowdfunding appeal.  If we all do this then they will easily achieve their aim. Of course if you want to donate more then even better.

It is clear that if we want our area to be improved then Government and Councils and GLA can only go so far with the cuts.  It is up to us to get together and make things happen.  The alternative is that the area will become a worse place to live for all of us because improvements which used to be affordable through local government an central government no longer exist because of austerity.

The Project and Crowdfunding link is HERE and we hope that the people of Mill Hill support this project and the forthcoming Crowdfund for the Pocket Park which will take place and determine how nice the Pocket Park will be when created.  £2 is not much to give to help this small shopping centre become attractive for the community.

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