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Sunday, 26 June 2016

EU VOTE WILLNOT STOP THE ITALIAN MARKET ! | Over 160K sign London Independence Petition

The Italian Market in July is definitely on and we invite you to come to MILL HILL BROADWAY where everyone of every race and religion is welcome.  Mill Hill Broadway welcomes the World to our beautiful and inclusive area.  The friendliest and lovliest place in the whole of the UK.  The place where DNA was first discovered - the place where Doctor Who went to school ! - the place where the Catholic Missionaries went out from - the place where the European and English Rugby champions are based - and the place where the London Music Industry has their HQ at the Mill Hill Music Complex and close to the UK Film and TV HQ in Elstree.  It is a very special area and despite the vote against Europe everyone who loves Italian Food and Drink and culture is welcome on July 8 and 9th.

Barnet voted 62% to stay in Europe.  This is a huge majority and shows the desire in the area to be European.  If you still want London to remain in the EU then there is a petition which you can sign to lobby the Mayor to hold a vote to leave the UK which has already attracted over 160 thousands signatures in less than one day.  The link to sign is

Spread the word about the market and share this video

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