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Monday, 23 May 2016


The second of the three summer markets takes place in just under 3 weeks on Broadway and is a World Village Market.  This market has been very successful and visited Newcastle and Eastbourne and Nottingham recently to great acclaim.  It is a diverse selection of stalls.

If you enjoyed the French Market then we know you will want to come along to this one and as an added bonus there will be a Market on the Sunday for the first time ever.  Also there will be a music stage and entertainment laid on for those who want to get more of a summer festival vibe going.

Remember you can post TWEETS - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK messages under the hashtag #millhillmarket and many have already done so.  Check them out to see videos - photos and comments on the markets.

We hope to bring you the PROMOTIONAL VIDEO for the WORLD VILLAGE MARKET plus more information at the end of this week - so keep checking back.

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