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Friday, 27 May 2016


This Friday we are going to highlight the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.  This is a relatively new group who are very active in trying to make the area a better place to live.  Many of those involved are also involved in other local groups and it has nearly a thousand friends on Facebook and held a packed out public meeting a couple of months ago in the Hartley Hall.  You may also see their stall at the Markets - where you can go along and chat about local issues.  Please get involved and read and share this article - this is a great chance to build community in our area. A very important and vital part of all our lives.

I asked the Chair of the Forum |  John Gillett  to tell me what they are doing and what they plan on doing in the future :

The Background and History

" Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum was established under the Localism Act 2011, to be pro-active about Planning and the use of land in NW7, giving local people a strong say in the future of their neighbourhood. Our area (Mill Hill ward & the NW7 post codes in Hale ward) and the volunteer led Forum Committee were designated by Barnet Council’s planning committee to write a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the area, and this work is underway. We have taken input from residents and business leaders and through this process, have a wealth of ideas that will benefit Mill Hill in the future."

The Aims and Objectives

" We want to make Mill Hill a better place to live, work and play and all of you can still have your say in the future by helping us to define our PLACE (planning, landscape, architecture, conservation, engineering) We are not trying to stop good development but in fact encouraging investment in the developments that are right for the Community.

Once the plan is complete, it will be “examined” by a Planning expert and then be the subject of a “referendum” run by the Council and everyone on the electoral roll in the area will be able to vote it in or out. If it is “made” then it becomes statutory guidance for anyone developing in the area. The NDP will make planning policies and recommendations for infrastructure developments, and general improvements. "

The Area Covered by the Neighbourhood Plan | Are you in the area ?  | If so get involved !

Future Plans

The Neighbourhood Forum has run several Public Meetings and will continue to do so. They have organised the markets in our Town Centre to help to engage the community and as an initiative to bring more people to our shops and cafes. They have many other projects in various stages of delivery, including a new Cricket Pavilion in Mill Hill Park, the Pocket Park in the Broadway, the uplift of Salcombe Gardens shopping precinct, the regeneration of Mill Hill Broadway Station, and other improvements to the High Street, while working with developers to best shape in-flight developments. They also work closely with Barnet Council on service improvement initiatives and have provided strong commentaries on recent Council consultation exercises.

How to Get Involved

Do engage with the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum through their Website or on Facebook  Which has nearly 1000 members (do join and spread the word to friends and family in the area) and makes many very important announcements about the area.)

Or email their Chairman, John Gillett at

John Gillett at the MHNF stall at the French Market in May

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