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Friday, 13 May 2016


This week we look at the people who are putting on the Mill Hill Markets on the Broadway which start next Friday with a French Market which is eagerly anticipated by everyone who lives and works in and around Mill Hill.

The Background

The idea for having Markets on the Broadway came from a questionnaire that the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum put out to the local area a number of years ago.  There was a great demand for regular markets on the Broadway.

To meet the demand the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum partnered with Vibe Market who are specialists in organising markets in urban area and are part of the Udenson + Caldbeck Economic and Urban regeneration consultancy.  You can visit their site HERE to find out more.

The aim of the market is to increase footfall on the Broadway and increase its visibility as a shopping and leisure destination in a competitive marketplace in North West London.  It is therefore a very important initiative which  needs all our support.

Last Year

A market was held in November 2015 : France at Home - and despite poor weather attracted a very large number of people to the Broadway and it was a huge success for the market traders and for all the shops and restaurants on the Broadway.  It is supported by the traders and the local businesses.  They understand the need to push the shopping area and the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum is very active in gaining their support and help.

French Market May 20/21

The first market is next Friday - 20th May and Saturday 21st May on the Broadway.   It starts at 9a.m in the morning on each day and goes through to 5p.m  It promises to be even busier this time due to the large events taking place in Mill Hill next weekend including the rugby semi final and Christian Aid week.   The weather is also going to be far kinder. If it is sunny then it our opinion that the Broadway will be its busiest for many decades next weekend.

Future Plans

The next market after the French Market is due to be an Italian Market on the weekend of 8/9 July and we will bring you information on that market after next weekend.  Future plans include a possible World Village Market with Music Stage subject to licensing.  In addition there are several markets booked for later in the year including another French and Italian Market and a Christmas Market.  If the people of Mill Hill support each of these markets well then they will continue to be held and create a fantastic shopping opportunity for the people of the local area on our doorstep.  Please spread the word and share this article and the video.

If you wish to have  more information please contact Vibe Market's Osita Udenson on 07875 588 107 or at

To contact the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum please e mail

Join the FACEBOOK group for the Forum which has nearly 1000 members HERE 

The Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum and Vibe Market have commissioned a video to advertise the market from the Arc Media Group who are based on the Broadway and who host this site.  The Arc Media Group are delighted to be able to contribute to this exciting project which is helping the area and the street.

 There is also a web site where  Additional details about Mill Hill Markets can be found at    

Next weekend we will be bringing you photographs and video from the Market like we did in November. So if you live away from Mill Hill or cant make it call in to this site and get a flavour of the happenings which are sure to be very exciting and colourful.

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