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Thursday, 21 April 2016

YUMMIES BAGELS AT FORTNUM AND MASON | The Rainbow Bagel for the Queen ?

Well it is the Queen's birthday today and I hope that when she sends the footnmen out to Fortnum and Mason to get provisions for the celebrations they bring her back a RAINBOW BAGEL !

The Rainbow Bagel is already available in Selfridges in London - Birmingham and Manchester.  Now it is available is the very upmarket F & M foodstore on Piccadilly. Which is a store that I personally love.

REMEMBER Yummies is open on Mill Hill Broadway where you can buy the Rainbow Bagel and many other amazing things.  Probably the best bagel bakery and deli in the UK and now it is in Selfridges and Fortnum I think that the fame is spreading far and wide.

Here are some photos of the bagels being put into the store ( From Yummies) by the owner.

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