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Friday, 22 April 2016


The Historical Context of the Society

In this week's FRIDAY FEATURE we are going to explain that the reason why Mill Hill is such a lovely place to live and work is the formation in 1949 of the Mill Hill Preservation Society.  This organisation which is open to anyone to join has protected the character of the area since its founding.

At the time it was founded the fields around Lawrence Street and the surrounding area were under threat from the post war housing boom and later from road and rail building.  The Society has constantly campaigned to stop poor development of the area and to protect the greenbelt land that we have in Mill Hill and the Totteridge Valley.

What Does the Society Do in 2016 ?

" FOOTPATHS: We organise three annual footpath walks, in Spring, Summer and in Autumn. The aim is threefold – to ensure that the footpaths gets walked regularly and check on their condition, to meet fellow MHPS members in an informal atmosphere, and to enjoy the countryside where we live. Buy one of our new footpath maps and use it to roam our lovely countryside.

ENVIRONMENT: We organise maintenance of our local ponds, check on their condition, and we have been know to manage the inhabitants! We consider the implications for wildlife on planning applications. We check on proposals for the protection of open space, trees and hedges and the landscaping of new developments. We arrange for tree planting to take place throughout the NW7 area. We are especially concerned to protect trees and the protection of trees with Tree Preservation Orders.

ADMINISTRATION: We produce a comprehensive Annual Report and three newsletters each year. These publications are delivered by our road-stewards. We hold two annual meetings, the AGM and another when a talk or film show is presented, followed by discussion.@

Join the Society

If you wish to join and increase our numbers then check out the link HERE

We applaud the work of the Society here at Broadway News.  They are the heartbeat of the local area and in particular the green environment and long may they continue to be a voice for local people in keeping our area from the excesses of development that has ruined many parts of North London.

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