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Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Barnet Eye: Why Mill Hill Broadway needs a good cheese shop

99% is ....... The Barnet Eye: Why Mill Hill Broadway needs a good cheese shop: Just what Mill Hill Broadway needs  What makes a good High Street? This is a question all of us who live in the London Borough of Barnet...

CLICK THE LINK to read how the most popular blog in North London written by Mill Hill resident, campaigner and business owner about what he would like to see in the empty shops on Broadway.

The average rent per year for a shop on Broadway is around 30,000.  So any business would need to be busy to see a return.

I agree with the Barnet Eye that a Cheese Shop would be great for the Broadway - and the Neighbourhood Forum would like to also see a Fresh Fish shop with a restaurant which is an excellent idea as well.  Our readers have supported the idea of a family restaurant like Nandos or Giraffe.    With the huge number of rugby fans and commuters now using the Broadway each week surely The Barnet Eye is right that a pub - perhaps a Wetherspoons with food offering - could be tempted into the HSBC site ? Especially if they could take control of the first floor and create a mezzanine two level offering ?

Exciting times on the Broadway and we have the excellent MILL HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM to thank for the surge of interest in the Shopping Centre - and the markets about to happen starting in May - see the banner at the top of our site.

Please spread the word about the Market and go over and comment on the Barnet Eye article.  The Neighbourhood Forum are reading these articles and using them to make sure that local people's views are pushed hard to the policy makers in the

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