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Saturday, 9 April 2016


Dear Readers of Broadway News and Blog

Since we started nearly 7 years ago it has been tough on the High Streets on the UK due to the economic recession.  In addition Broadway was a bit sleepy and took for granted its position in the area. However, times change and the Neighbourhood Forum is leading the residents and businesses of Mill Hill towards regeneration and towards a more vibrant shopping centre which reflects the needs of all of us - the residents.  85% of us said we wanted regular markets on Broadway.  These have now been delivered - a massive undertaking by the Neighbourhood Forum and Vibe Market.  They really do deserve great credit and support.  

Our banner is at the bottom of our page this week and will move the top next week as well !  We can host banners on this site for your local  organisation/business/events. Please contact us for details. (£10 per month and £100 a year) we will also put together a design for you. We do not accept advertising for products. It is purely for community use.

Therefore we have a small banner here that you can right click and copy onto your website - put in your fave photos on Facebook - Tweet on Twitter to all your followers and so on.  Please use it and spread the word.  If you have a local website for an organisation - school or college please put it somewhere on your site - the more we can get the word out the busier the market will be.   This market will be very important because the busier the market the better the stalls and the more regular these events become.  See our article below for all the information.

Here is the banner - please share !

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