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Monday, 25 April 2016


As the High Streets around the country continue to get hammered by the new recession and on-line retailers the latest shop to close on Broadway is the Mobile Phone shop previously known as Tips and one that has been on the Broadway for over 15 years.  The landlord has taken possession of the property according to a notice pinned to the shutters.  We will let you know if and when a shop re-opens on this site.  This brings the number of shops to close and remain closed on the street to 7 now.  See our articles on what shops are available.

Please support the traders on the Broadway over the coming summer months.  They need your support.  In addition the French Market is coming - so please bring your friends and invite family over to the Broadway for the weekend.  Our family are coming from 110 miles away to enjoy the two days of the market and take in some shows over the weekend.  Lets support our local shopping centre. There are fantastic shops and cafes and restaurants on the street.

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