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Monday, 11 April 2016

BUSIEST WEEK EVER ON THIS BLOG | Nearly 2,000 page views

Thank you for visiting this site.  With the announcement of the FRENCH MARKET and stories about shop availability and the restaurant guide and the big Saracens match we saw nearly 2,000 page views last week.

Now we are getting so many views we want to offer banner ads to local business and organisations.  They will be just £10 a month or £100 a year - we will use the money to pay our web costs to run the site and to continue to improve our Guides.  See the banner at the foot of the Web version of the site to see what it would look like.

Thank you to everyone who is sharing the FRENCH MARKET BANNER - this really helps lift the visibility of the event - and of course please use word of mouth for those people who are not on the internet.  It will be a great chance for families to visit the Broadway and I hope that each month to explore what each market has to offer.

The BROADWAY needs your support - the businesses and restaurants especially the independent ones rely totally on footfall on the Broadway and customers.  If we want to see independent restaurants and cafes flourish then we have to visit them as often as we can - all of us have time and money restraints but a meal in Half Full - or Domenico - or takeaway from Yummies etc will hardly break the bank or take too much time.  Check out the restaurant gujde ( Featured Post at Top ) for a list of all the great places to eat and drink on Broadway and nearby. 

Thanks again for all the visits. Do let us know what you want to hear about - and contact us if you want to be featured in the Friday feature.

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