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Thursday, 3 March 2016

YUMMIES "RAINBOW BAGELS" NOW AVAILABLE IN SELFRIDGES ! | Visit the home of the Rainbow Bagel on Broadway

The amazing YUMMIES RAINBOW BAGEL ( called the MAGICAL BAGEL ) much loved here on Broadway has hit the big time. It is now starring in the food halls of the UKs leading department store on Oxford Street - SELFRIDGES - as seen in the great ITV series.

YUMMIES is one of the best BAGEL bakeries in the UK and we are lucky to have them here on Broadway.  Although you can get cheap mass produced bagels everywhere - these bagels taste so much better and are easily one of the most fabulous things for lunch that you can buy.  If you thought you did not like bagels then YUMMIES will change your mind.

Their flagship product is the RAINBOW BAGEL which is fantastic to give to guests and have at parties of all sorts - weddings, birthdays, Easter, Christmas and Mothers Days.  So why not check out our RESTAURANT GUIDE and head to YUMMIES today ( or Selfridges ! )  They can be purchased SINGLY in YUMMIES. So visit YUMMIES this weekend and bag a load for lunch.

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