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Friday, 4 March 2016

YUMMIES MAKE SPECIAL NORTH LONDON DERBY BAGELS | Star Footballer Tries them out ! Available Saturday !!

This weekend sees the North London derby and in celebration the Broadway's most colourful bakery has created two bagels in the team colours.  So if you want to take part in the fun and have a tasty treat as well head to YUMMIES which is opposite Flower Lane.

Here are some photos from Yummie's Facebook account and it looks as if they have press-ganged a famous Spurs player into trying them out !!

I wonder if they will produce some special bagels for the large EUROPEAN RUGBY for Saracens RFC tie in both club's colours on April 9th !???  Over to you Sarries fans !!!  Visit today (Saturday) and let them know !

Photos Copyright Yummies Bakery. Reproduced with thanks.

Guess Who has popped in and Chosen the Spurs Bagels !

I have been asked to make sure we show that they also come in the colours of the other team from North London !

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