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Wednesday, 9 March 2016


We are delighted that over the last year numbers of visits to the site have continued to rise as we have added new and more detailed content.

Please spread the word.  The "Local" paper only covers one story a month for Mill Hill and more often than not it is a negative story.

We bring you daily updates and THE FRIDAY FEATURE is a positive story about someone or an organisation in the area.  There are GUIDES to all the restaurants and events in the area and we will be updating our SHOPPING and BUSINESS guides very soon.  Our Christmas Events Guides are very popular gaining tens of thousands of views over the years.

Please contact us if you have any news about the Broadway or Mill Hill.  We are looking for positive news and inspiring community led events and intiatives to share.  Your business or shop or restaurant is also an important part of local life so please let us know of any new development or offer.  We will share your news free of charge with our thousands of readers.  There are no adverts on this site - so you can read in peace.

This week the restaurants are busy which is fantastic.  Please make sure you support the traders on the Broadway. They are a local resource that we all need and we all need to support.

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