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Sunday, 6 March 2016

TESCO VOTE UPDATE | Last Day to Vote Today Sunday

The vote yesterday was going very well at Tesco.  The POCKET PARK section is filling up well and is well ahead of the other sections which are almost empty.  BUT there are all the TESCOS in Barnet doing this vote so hopefully there will be many voting in those Tescos as well for the Broadway Park Area.  We at BROADWAY NEWS and BLOG feel that it is essential that this PARK is created.  Not only that we hope that BARNET COUNCIL will give Mill Hill the same funding for this project as they have spent down the years creating spaces in other parts of the Borough.  We have been very neglected by Barnet Council down the years. However, the NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM group are applying pressure with evidence on the Council who seem very receptive to helping the area. Perhaps they just needed to be asked !

So please get down to a BARNET TESCO ( preferably on Broadway ! ) and ask for a TOKEN for the vote today. This really is your last chance.  We will bring you the vote as soon as we find out.  Hopefully someone will tell us where Tesco announce it !

PS Last week was the busiest ever week on BROADWAY NEWS with thousands visiting.  We now get as many visits in a week as we used to get in three months back  in the early days.  There is great interest in getting the Broadway sorted out as a destination and meeting place.

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