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Thursday, 17 March 2016

TESCO VOTE RESULT | Pocket Park Grant

The votes have been counted across the Borough of Barnet from every Tesco.  The people of Barnet have spoken and sadly we have come third out of three.

The good news is that despite that £8,000 will be donated by Bags of Help to the Pocket Park project. I believe that Barnet Council will provide funding and of course we all hope that businesses and individuals in the area will contribute.

Thank you to everyone who went to Tesco and voted.  The Store is incredibly busy now it has been open just over a month.  It gets very busy at lunchtime - after school buses arrive on Broadway - and in the evening when there is parking available.   It has really livened up the Broadway and increased footfall as predicted.

If you are interested in sponsoring a BENCH or HANGING BASKET or GREENERY for the Pocket Park then please contact the NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM.   This small space will be of great significance over the next 50 years.  By placing a bench there with your family or company name attached then you can write yourself into the history of the area. Of course if you do so then we will cover your help here on Broadway News and Blog.

Many people complain about our environment. This is a chance to actually do something about it and improve it for everyone.

Thank you again for voting.

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