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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Sadly MILLETS Sports Shop which has been on Broadway for many years has closed this week.  The shop unit is now available.

The HSBC Bank Unit opposite is also available still as far as we are aware.

These are two brilliant opportunities for either an independent business or a chain to get a foothold on Broadway.  With the huge building programme of exclusive flats in Colindale recently started and the Beaufort Park development more shoppers than ever are now in the Broadway catchment.  Unlike the Edgeware Road shopping centres Broadway is ideal for exclusive and exciting retail and food businesses.  This has been proved by Fratelli - Delisserie - Yogopink and Half Full.  They have built out from a base on Broadway - in addition other quality chains like Bluebelles have found their units packed all day long.  If you have a great retail/food idea then Broadway is the place to come.

The NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM has already proposed very exciting ideas ( See the Town Plan slideshow link above) which will come to fruition over the next few years.  The BROADWAY is about to enter the most exciting phase of its near 100 year history.

In the next week we will highlight from the REPORT some of the exciting things which will be happening on BROADWAY this year.   It is your chance to get involved as an individual or an organisation.  Sign up below for updates and get ready to join in the amazing events planned for Broadway that start in MAY 2016.......

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