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Sunday, 20 March 2016

PRICE WAR ERUPTS ON BROADWAY | Iceland & M&S Slash Prices to combat Tesco Express

As we predicted the arrival of TESCO on the Broadway has had a massive effect. Not only is the Broadway twice as busy as it was before - but the other main Supermarkets in the Shopping Area have had to reduce prices to stem the loss of customers to TESCO.

Today ICELAND has got several very cheap offers including undercutting TESCO on MILK ( now 89p for 4 pints ) CHOCOLATE BARS ( £1 for Galaxy and Dairy Milk Large bars compared to over £1.50 in TESCO ) and is also offering 2 for 1 on BAKERY GOODS including Scones - Hot Cross Buns - Giant Crumpets. Kenco Coffee is also cut in price to £2.

Today M&S have extended their 2 for £4 fruit offer to make it 3 for £6  on pre prepared berries including Strawberries - Blueberries - grapes as well as Pears and Plums.  In addition the 3 for £10 on Fish and Meat is now stretching over two end of aisle displays.

TESCOs continues to rotate their offers - and so you have to look around because they are changing all the time.  However, they are invariably cheaper than anywhere else on many items.

Mill Hill Broadway is probably as competitive as any shopping centre in North West London with the three stores and the independent stores all offering great value to shoppers.  Ten years ago this road only had expensive independents and a very expensive M&S.  The arrival of Iceland and Tesco has totally transformed the prices and availability of items.

It is now possible to get just about anything between the three stores from specialist coffee to bakery to fish.  Add the brilliant independing retailers we have on Broadway such as COOKSLEYS butchers who have an amazing selection of properly provenanced  meat and YUMMIES deli for high quality bagels - sliced salmon - and deli items.

When the regular markets arrive bringing continental choice to the Broadway then there is no excuse for anyone to be shopping out of the area for regular shops.  We need to support our local High Street - especially because it caters for the local economy and brings life to the area.

Please see the TOWN PLAN PDF link on our links section for more information about the plans for the shopping area. They are truly revelatory and have the full support of all businesses and individuals who live and work on Broadway. Hopefully Barnet Council will remain supportive and implement all the idea over the next year or so.

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