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Saturday, 5 March 2016

LATEST ON STATION FROM NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM | Cleaning, Gates, Lighting and Contact

This will be of great interest to everyone who uses the station area on Broadway. Thank you to MHNF for taking time to represent the area with the Station Manager and get some answers/contacts for many issues that effect us all.  Please - Join the FACEBOOK group for MHNF and attend next meeting (details below).


Mill Hill Broadway Station; I met with James Gillett (no relation!) station manager for Mill Hill Broadway (and other stations between Cricklewood & Radlett) to discuss the poor state of the station and in particular the undercroft (area under the M1). 

  • James has offered Mill Hill Broadway station users his e-mail address as - I said he was very brave- so if you have comments or indeed complaints about the station (not the reliability of the trains) you can contact him directly.

  • While it is cleaner since our last meeting (Oct15 - when it was knee deep in cigarette buts) and some bins have been provided for rubbish and buts it is by no means an area to be proud of! There are actually two cleaning contractors for different parts of the undercroft forecourt (1 for area where the Cars park and another for the rest) and they will now be more co-ordinated in their activities.

  •  James agreed to address the lack of seating for those waiting for buses (there is 1 seat but the slats at the back are broken) GTR are looking at the lighting in this area as it is dismal, and many will have noted that the floor is usually wet. Apparently the cause of this issue has been diagnosed as being within Thames Waters responsibility. 

  • Usage of the new ticketing gates will carefully monitored; no date yet for switch-on. 

  • GTR are also hoping to encourage local communities to "adopt -a-station" providing perhaps some planting, notice boards etc. Write to James if you are interested in doing something in this regard.

Hopefully we will see some improvements in the fairly short term, but the real solution will not be until we redevelop the station, the car park etc....

More on such ideas at our meeting at Hartley Hall on 16 March at 7.30p.m

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