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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

HSBC SITE | Contact Nandos details | Ideas for Site

Thank you to Mitesh for contacting us and giving us the details.

SITE ADDRESS :  HSBC (75 The Broadway, London NW7 3BX)
The HSBC Site is around 5,000 square feet - so it is sizable. It would suit a nationally recognised business and a family restaurant is what everyone is telling us here at Broadway Blog they want to add to the excellent offering on the street.  It would bring more people to the road and therefore mean other restaurants and cafes would get the benefit as well.  HSBC own the site so will want a tenant for the let that is likely to make it a success. This is a massive opportunity for a major company to get a foothold on the Broadway - there are huge plans from the Neighbourhood Forum and Barnet Council to improve the Broadway over the next few years. These opportunities do not come around very often.  This site is one of the best sites on the Broadway and largest in a lovely historic building. 

If you click on this link HERE you can send a message to Nandos and they will forward your message to their PROPERTY TEAM about the site at the above address. You can use their chat or phone number etc. all details on that page

We all need to be pro-active to make sure our area gets the facilities that we all want to see.

If you know any other business you would like to see take over this amazing site then please e mail us and we will post your idea as well.

Here at Broadway Blog we are very pleased to say that we support the NANDOS idea (or any other that will bring quality and affordable family food or retail to the Broadway.)

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