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Saturday, 26 March 2016

EASTER WEEKEND on BROADWAY | Come for a Meal and Shop

After a lovely day yesterday and a busy street all day it would be fantastic if everyone heads down to Broadway to have a meal or drink this weekend.

It is vital to support local shopping and eating areas.  The Broadway has several new shops including TESCO EXPRESS and MY LIVING ROOM and also restaurants which you may not yet have tried out including the highly acclaimed DOMENICO Italian Restaurant which has authentic Italian cuisine at exceptionally low prices (Get in now before the secret is out and you cant get a table) and the lively EL VAQUERO South American restaurant just around the corner in Hale Lane.

The CAFEs continue to do great business with HALF FULL and BLUEBELLES very busy all day yesterday - and little wonder as they both have scrumptious coffee and cake and other goodies for your enjoyment.  Fratellis will be very busy today with Saracens fans - as will The Bridge.

Do not forget YUMMIES the home of the UK Rainbow Bagel - we are proud to have YUMMIES on the Broadway - otherwise you have to go to SELFRIDGES in London - Birmingham - Manchester  to eat a Rainbow Bagel.  Get them HERE this weekend.  Ideal before the big rugby game or for lunch or dinner.  We like ours with cream cheese and either salmon or ham.  They really are YUMMY !!!!

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